Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Festival Fashion Part 3

Well, as mud free as possible was clearly, not going to happen at Glasto this weekend! But, as it always does, the show went on and what a show it was!

The rain didn't stop the crowd having a blast and looking as stylish as ever!

With the festival season just beginning, let's keep our fingers crossed for some better weather for Wireless this weekend!! After all, festival season would not be complete without at least some flower garlands and sunshine! Which brings us to our next festival outfit inspiration!

Cut off denim shorts, a rock tee or crop top, teamed with ankle boots and socks, is such an effortlessly cool look. Complete the look with a pretty flower garland and pastel socks to add a feminine edge.

Pastel socks have made plenty of appearances on the catwalk for SS14 and celebs and fashionistas have also been showing off the cute look.

ankle highs

We have just the thing at Essex'ee Legs for you to lead the fashion crowd at your next festival outing- Gipsy Luxury Opaque Ankle Highs

ankle socks

Cute little ankle socks in pastel colours. One size anklets to treat your toes this season. Ankle highs in champagne, light denim, lilac and nectarine colour choices. 40 Denier, textured cuff finished with ruffle.

Victoria x