Friday, 22 June 2012

Festival Fashion

Must have Festival Fashion!

Team on trend over knee socks with boots and wellies at this Summer's Music Festivals.

Funky leg wear that looks stylish and will keep you dry and warm if it's rainy and muddy. A UK Festival wouldn't be the same without rain and mud!!

Gipsy Cable Over Knee Socks (picture above and left) come in beige marl or grey marl.

Luxurious cable socks that look great!

Stylish Gipsy Front Cable Over Knee Socks

Bold cable in guise of a seam can be worn at front or back of leg.

Try these!

Pamela Mann Over Knee Socks with Bow

These are just a few of the lovely styles we have available for sale in our Essex'ee Legs online shop. 

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