Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Redfoot Folding Shoes Coco Camel

Classic style ballet pumps that are up to date and trendy; Redfoot Folding Shoes Coco Camel are a stunning 'must have' accessory.

Quilted leather folding shoe, in a two-toned fashionable camel with black toe and bow detail.

Add easy elegance to your ensemble with these shoes for handbag in their chic French style. Make your feet feel and look fabulous! These handbag shoes are great for all day wear, commute to office, or tucked in your bag (in a cute pouch) for happy feet after a long night out in killer heels.

A favourite folding shoe of celebs around the globe and fashionista’s everywhere! Shoes for handbag are an accessory you won't want to be without.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new FLEXI SOLE! The Coco Camel handbag shoes have this fabulous, innovative, new addition!

The Flexi Sole folding shoe folds completely in half. This brand new super tough sole is created from a unique thermoplastic rubber that folds 151,000 times without damage. These handbag shoes have the clever addition of flexi-strip technology making this possible. A special grading along the rubber is water-proof, offering an excellent grip and all the benefits of a normal non-folding shoe.

Redfoot Folding Shoes Coco Camel, with these new and improved features, make the Flexi Sole one of the best inventions at Redfoot yet!

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