Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Maternity Hosiery

maternity hosiery

Maternity hosiery that adapts to your body's changes. Trasparenze PerDue Maternity Tights have a luxury cotton body combined with a, comfortable, graduated compression of lycra.

PerDue pregnancy hosiery will accompany you all through your pregnancy, giving you maximum freedom of movement. 

You will not feel restricted in this stunning maternity hosiery.  Pregnancy hosiery that gives you elegance, comfort and versatility, a 'must' for mothers-to-be.

Trasparenze PerDue Sophie Maternity Tights are light and easy to wear, plus giving you durablility at the same time. Maternity hosiery made from the finest yarns that are incredibly soft with a luxurious, breatheable, cotton maternity body, thus preventing perspiration.

trasparenze perdue sophie maternity tights

Perdue Sophie pregnancy hosiery gives you total comfort for all stages of pregnancy. Lovely maternity hosiery that feels very comfortable against your sensitive skin. Colour Nero (black), 70 Denier with flat seams, plus invisible toe. Size 4 is great for taller ladies to height 6ft1".

Size 2 - Height: 4ft9"-5ft7", Size 3 - Height: 5ft1"-5ft9", Size 4 - Height: 5ft5"-6ft1"

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