Friday, 22 November 2013

It's Day 5 and time for the final instalment of our FestiveFashionFive!

As it's Friiidaaay and almost Christmas, red is the answer to all of your wardrobe dilemmas! This ravishing & vibrant outfit is perfect for all of your Friday night after work drinks, or office Christmas parties!

patterned tights
Compliment this gorgeous red tulip dress with black accessories and black tights that have a flash of red in the detailing. Add extra flashes of scarlet with sexy red nails and seductive red lips. Keep the eyes simple with a classy flick of black eyeliner and you will be good to go and oozing Hollywood glamour.
Where to shop the items:
The Tights with Hearts £7.99: Essex'ee Legs
The Back Seam Tights £11: Essex'ee Legs
The Dress £33 down from £55: House of Fraser
The Coat £75: BHS
The Bag £35: Dune
The Shoes £38.50: Office
The Eyeliner £17.50 Brush £22: Bobbi Brown
The Nail Varnish: Chanel

The cute red hearts on the Gipsy heart pantyhose and the saucy red seam on the back seam tights will really pop when teamed with a red dress.

So that's our final party outfit from our #FestiveFashionFive!
Enjoy lots of fun and glamour, wearing your party tights, this party season !

Victoria x

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