Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wild Wednesday :)

It's our favourite day of the week in the office again! Wild Wednesday has arrived and Nicola skipped in bright and early, looking stunning as usual, in her Gipsy Seam Bow Fishnet Hold Ups.
fishnet hold ups
Nicola wearing Gipsy Seam Bow Fishnet Hold Ups

Like a pro she draped herself across a chair and showed off her fishnet hold ups to the max! After some very entertaining leg kicking, chair swivelling and plenty of hair flicking, work resumed as normal...well as normal as it can be on a Wild Wednesday! There was some renditions of Justin Timberlake, some dancing and the usual hilarious anecdotes along the way... eventually Nicola's shift came to an end and she sauntered out of the office in her Italian Stockings...

seamed hold up stockings

Gipsy Seam Bow Hold Ups are super sexy fishnet hold ups with back seams, cute ankle bow and luxurious lace tops. Black fishnets are very elegant and these seamed hold up stockings are a great price too from Essex'ee Legs.

Join us next week, to see what gorgeous hosiery the lovely Nicola is wearing and for some more Wild Wednesday antics! :)

Victoria x

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