Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pull on Tan!

We are absolutely loving the warm summer, in London, but we are not enjoying the return of the dreaded fake tan! That's why we were so delighted that  the Jonathan Aston Pull on Tan Tight has arrived! The amazing cooling technology, in the design, means that we can boycott the streaky and patchy fake tanned legs! Instead, we have silky smooth, golden, sun-kissed pins in seconds :) The gorgeous skin colour pantyhose are toeless, so you can show off your pedicure in your favourite sandals too!

skin colour toeless tights
Jonathan Aston Pull on Tan Tight
There's no need to worry about being too hot in the pull on tan tights as they are made from sideria yarns that have a cooling effect. The clever technology reacts to movement, so they cool your bronzed pins as you go about your day!

Choose from 2 gorgeous shades; Ibiza Tan, make you look like you've spent the last fortnight sunning yourself on a beach, or achieve a healthy sun-kissed glow with the High Street Honey shade. As well as a quick, stress free, even tan, these skin colour toeless tights also help hide any blemishes for a flawless look. All in all,  Essex'ee Leg's ladies think that the tights from Jonathan Aston London are their best beauty find this year, by far!!

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