Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gipsy Toeless Tights

Due to the famously short British summers, depriving us of the glowing suntans that we crave, the quest to find a natural looking pair of sheer tights can be a nightmare. Gipsy toeless tights from the better than bare range, give me the confidence to wear my pretty summer dresses to every event throughout the season. No matter what the forecast, I know I won't have a last minute change of heart about my outfit, as toeless pantyhose make my legs look naturally tanned and leave them looking perfectly blemish free.

I find that fake tan never seems to take to my legs well, and this natural looking sheer toeless hosiery, in natural glow, give the perfect hint of colour minus the streaks, in no time.

At a wedding we attended, my friend (left) fresh off a beach in South Africa (so jealous), showed her tan off with bare legs. I was wearing gipsy toeless tights (right) and you couldn't tell the difference! Who needs a beach in South Africa ;)

The open toe pantyhose meant that I could still wear some sandals, I already had, that matched my dress and showed off my pedicure.
Gipsy Toeless Tights are available in natural glow, chocolate and nude to suit all skin tones.

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