Saturday, 20 July 2013

Suspender Pantyhose and Carpe Diem!

The title proved to be the magic mix for mum! Carpe Diem just sums up Mum & Dads approach to life. Always taking the risk, moving onwards and upwards and making new adventures. The beginnings of mum’s online shop Essex’ee Legs was no different. It’s been inspiring to watch her tiny seed of an idea, flourish into an exciting online business that continues to grow. So, after a few years of dreaming and hankering after a little business to call her own Suspender Pantyhose is where it all began!!

Sparkly tights and fishnet stockings had been worn forever in show business, then in 2009 a new celeb trend emerged, 5 words - Lily Allen, mock suspender tights

We were all hooked, Designers Gipsy, Pamela Mann and Leg Avenue all made their own unique versions of suspender hosiery

Mock Suspender Tights,  Plus Size Suspender Tights
All available at Essex'ee Legs
The popularity of the mock suspender tights style triggered a flood of new and unique hosiery designs, that celebs wore everywhere. Fortunately Gipsy, Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue, and Jonathan Aston continue to make the gorgeous fashion tights accessible to us mere mortals too…

Fashion Tights

The love for this new abundance of different hosiery styles never died and Essex’ee Legs provides a wide range of fashion tights in amongst its beautiful collections.

With a new trend that seemed to be sticking around, mum recognised the potential for an online tights shop ranging from sizes 6-32, with international postage. Accessibility was important to her, as apart from the big flagship stores many of the high street collections were sparse, with few or none selling plus size tights. With the image of Lily wearing suspender pantyhose, providing that light bulb moment, and a certain TV show, set in our home town, providing inspiration for a catchy name for the website…

Aherm, reem?
Essex’ee Legs became reality and mum dived head first into her new adventure...

We are proud of you mum! xxx 


Anonymous said...

Great fun blog! Love the suspender tights x

Hollie said...

Brilliant! X