Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wild Wednesdays! :)

Well that week certainly whizzed by and here we are again, enjoying another Wild Wednesday in the office!

Do you remember in last week's Wild Wednesday post that I mentioned Nicola's quirky dress sense?! Well it was out in full force today! Nicola strolled into the office sporting LOTS of sparkle and leopard print...

Although Nic matched the glitter on her Jonathan Aston Stardust Tights with the sparkles on her converse for the commute (seriously, the girl is a one off, only she could make a commute into London, this fun!). Unfortunately, she shed her leopard skin and wore some more traditional court shoes with her work attire. Even so, the glitter tights brightened up her pencil dress and everyone's day!

The sparkle tights (also available with a bronze seam) looked fab and were a big hit with the ladies... I predict lots more sprinklings of stardust in the office very soon!

Victoria x

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