Thursday, 23 January 2014

Brrr... it's time to add some stylish layers!

A freezing cold snap has certainly arrived and took us all by surprise! Due to being spoilt with a rather mild, by British standards, last few months, we are now in need of layers!! Layers are just another great excuse for adding more splashes of interest and style to your outfits. So when you peel off each layer after your coat, it's time to show off that chic printed scarf, a chunky knit or that new colour pop cardigan you got for Xmas. Your indoor layer, i.e. dress, skirt, top, obviously stays on, don't get too carried away with the unwrapping!! But please note, that the only new winter layer that isn't peeled off once inside, is your cosy warm tights ! So be sure to make your hosiery the most stylish extra layer, for your winter wardrobe!

A stylish alternative to high denier opaques are these toasty, but ever so pretty, winter tights from Gipsy...

winter tights

The Gipsy Cotton Ivy Pattern Tights are the perfect addition to any winter outfit. The on trend charcoal colour matches and compliments, pretty much, every colour. The ivy pattern climbing from your toes to your knees is subtle, but adds that something special to simpler outfits. The grey tights are thick enough to keep the cold out but because they are 66% cotton, they also let the skin breath when you are indoors.

In the world of social media I recently came across some utterly beautiful, hand painted, silk scarves by London based Choulachou Here are just a couple of designs from their extensive and unique collection...

Essex'ee Legs LOVE the floral tights that the Choulachou model is rocking on their website...

Here's what Choulachou say about their designs -

Choulachou collections mix fashion and art into a powerful formula of unique accessories that expresses individuality.
We take inspirations from our passion for women, life and those fantasy stories that capture our imagination, turning them into hand-drawn illustrations on beautiful scarves.

We believe that what we wear is a reflection of our individual personality and attitude towards life, our beliefs and desires.

Another luxurious layer sorted to keep you warm and to turn heads! The scarves would make perfect birthday gifts too. Beautifully wrapped with a pair of carefully selected printed, coloured or patterned tights from Essex'ee Legs, you'll have a thoughtful gift that matches your loved ones personality to a T...

patterned tights

So, hi Mr Frost, we welcome you with open arms and our gorgeous new layers! :)

Victoria x

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